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Tulsa Mental Health Nonprofit Now Offering Primary Health Care Services

A doctor is checking the blood pressure of a patient.

TULSA, Jan. 3, 2023 -- Community Treatment Integrations (CTI-OK), a local non-profit providing substance use, mental health and behavioral health treatment, is now offering primary health care services at its Tulsa facility.


The new services are the result of a partnership between CTI-OK and Health and Wellness Center. 


“When someone comes through our doors, we see them as a whole person, willing to take the first steps to better their lives through treatment services,” said Janet Cizek, CEO of CTI-OK. “It is not uncommon for someone to come to us for help and for our counselors to learn that a person’s primary health care has been neglected for a period of time. Our partnership with Health and Wellness Center will allow us to provide primary health care services on site, so that our clients’ healing journeys are truly holistic and comprehensive.”


CTI-OK, a 501c3 nonprofit provides access to substance abuse and mental and behavioral health treatment services, often at no- or low-cost to individuals and families. Services include individual and group counseling, medication management and sober living options for individuals and families. The non-profit is unique in its offerings, including programming for pregnant and postpartum individuals and mental health treatment for people as young as 18 months. 


“We hear, over and over again, that too many people are struggling with mental health, behavioral health and addiction, but there aren’t enough treatment options available,” Cizek said. “We are determined to meet individuals and families where they are, treat them with dignity as a whole person seeking help, and light the path toward healing, from the inside out. 


“We are excited to add primary care services to our facility, so that the people who come to us can find better physical health and wellness as they are working toward mental health and substance use recovery.”


CTI-OK’s primary care clinic is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, call (539) 337-0006 or visit Services offered  through Health and Wellness Center include preventative care, routine physical examinations, chronic disease management and pediatric and geriatric care. 


Individuals seeking mental health or substance use treatment services can call (918) 384-0002. CTI-OK is located at 7477 E. 46th Place in Tulsa, or at 4100 SE Adams Road, Suite E-108, in Bartlesville.


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